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Packages sent via Amazon Logistics stop updating after "Amazon has supplied further tracking information"

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I've the sam problem! Amazon Loistics is not update!
asked Mar 11, 2017 in Couriers by Nicholas Amazon logistics isn't updating
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In Italy i have the same problem. Amazon logistics doesn't update the track.
Someone has solved the problem?
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The same issue for me! The app obviously recognises the (UK) tracking ID because the correct Amazon order number is automatically inserted as soon as I set the carrier to Amazon Logistics. After that, however, no updates are ever made and the status remains at 'None'.

Given that the Amazon order number is automatically picked up before I enter my Amazon password, I wonder whether the issue lies with Amazon not accepting password-protected data requests from third-party apps?
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I have the same issue, but with Amazon.com(US), not Amazon Italy or any other country.  Would like to know if it has been fixed, if not, when?
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