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It would be great it the app could generate barcodes from tracking numbers.

One example use case: when I order from amazon (in france) I only receive the colissimo tracking number without the barcode. I set my deliveries to be picked up directly at the post office and it would be much simpler to give my phone so they can scan the barcode instead of having to dictate it or write it on a piece of paper.

Colissimo use code 128 barcodes.

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Thanks for your feedback!

In general, the app already has this functionality (detail view -> three dots -> Share -> Barcode). You can also choose the barcode format there including CODE 128 (it will be remembered on the next call).

Unfortunately, this might not work for automatically detected partial deliveries within the Amazon integration as they only show the Amazon order ID and I don't really see a proper way to handle this at the moment.
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Great. I didn't know it was already featured and couldn't find it.

I add a tracking number by sharing it from my mail and don't use amazon integration so it's fine for me.
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