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When I try to add my Amazon account, I'm presented with a captcha. I solve the captcha, but I immediately get another.

This seems to have happened before:



This is happening with app version 5.3.2 (1872), Android version 7.0.

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Sorry for not replying earlier. Unfortunately, the answer to this question I gave numerous times didn't change. I'm still unable to reproduce any of this with my own Amazon account wich makes troubleshooting impossible for me.

Here's some hints on what could explain / improve the situation for you:

  • Make sure that you do not have any Amazon orders in your list of active deliveries that may contain an old or wrong password. This would lead to continuous failed login attempts causing Amazon to strengthen the security measures on your account.
  • Get a new internet IP by restarting your router (doesn't work for everyone, you may have a static IP) or by switching from mobile data to WiFi or vice versa.
  • If you are using two factor authentication, make sure that you use the native implementation. Do not append the authenticator code to your password, instead enter it into the promts that will appear in the app.
  • If you are not using two factor authentication, enable it for your account as it's a stronger authentication and will (at least in my tests) lead to less other security measures (captcha, phone/credit card verification) during login. I'll add links to this at the end of the answer, please make sure to use the one leading to your local version of Amazon.

Pro-Version only:

  • Make sure to delete and re-add your account in the synchronization settings. This will reset your session information and perform a full login.

Amazon security settings:

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Same problem here
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Same problem here too
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same problem. infinite amazon captcha, no synchronization
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Yup. Same exact issue started randomly.
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Same Shit problem!!!
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Has this app been abandoned? Dev seems to have no intention of fixing the issue - it's been happening for months!! What the hell?
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I just installed the new version of the app (5.4); I still have the captcha problem.  Is it just me?
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I'm sorry that you still have issues with the Amazon integration. Unforaunately, I'm still unable to reproduce any of this with my own Amazon account wich makes troubleshooting impossible for me.

I'll add a separate answer to this question with some general troubleshooting hints but if that doesn't help either, all I can offer is a refund :-(
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Thanks for the answer. Not sure if this helps you at all, but:

1. I deleted all of the Amazon orders that were in my app (they were all in my Completed list).

2. Switched to mobile data.

3. Attempted to add my Amazon account back to the app using the native implementation (i.e., didn't append my Google Authenticator number to my password.

The only prompt I got after that was the captcha image.  :(
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For what it's worth, I recently reinstalled the app and set up my Amazon account to sync before logging into my Deliveries account. My Amazon orders seem to be working fine now without redundant captcha images.  I'm fairly certain that I logged into those accounts in the reverse order when I used the app in the past.
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