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I finally purchased the full version and it was syncing beautifully for a few days.  Now, it just won't sync and says I can't add the account.  Nothing was changed on my Amazon account and I don't know what to look for next to get this resolved.

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Amazon seems to have a two factor authentication now where they send a numeric code to the email address associated with the account. Lieferungen apparently does not cater for that yet.
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Unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce this with my account so there's no way for me to implement it in the app. As a workaround, enabling the two factor authentication with other means (app / ...) in your Amazon security settings should help with it.
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I'm having the same issue. Tried to enable the 2 factor auth on my Amazon account and configured that it would not ask my device to ask for a code. However, the deliveries app still asks for a captcha which goes infinite.
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I could get it working by first registering in the Amazon Shopping App on the mobile phone. After that, I could create the sync account without a captcha.
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Anyone figured out an actual solution to this problem? It's been going on for months and months - unacceptably long for a paid app.
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