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The Deliveries app on my phone has not been syncing new packages from the web for a while now. If I add a new package via the website, no matter how long I wait, the app does not pick up the new package info until I manually open it and do a refresh.

Once the app knows about a package, it seems to work fine. It will update the status in the background and inform me about new statuses as expected. My problem is just with the initial sync to let the app know about new packages from the web.

I posted some comments about this on another question with some more details and things I've tried: https://help.orrs.de/1911/is-auto-syncing-new-entries-from-web-to-android-app-possible

Nothing seems to have helped and I don't know what else to try. Are there any logs I can provide, etc. that might help find a resolution to this issue? Other people don't seem to be having trouble with this feature so I don't know if there's something weird with my phone's firmware that's preventing this sync, something specific to my account, etc...

Edit: well, it's working again now. I don't know what's going on. I'll keep watching as I add new packages and see if I can notice any more that don't get synced automatically.

Edit 2 (Oct 12, 2017): maybe this only works intermittently? I added a new parcel yesterday and had to do a manual refresh in the app today before it would notice.

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