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Thank you, we need plenty of support to sign the petition, please sign, it is free and you may chip in a donation if you desire, it is optional
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Thanks for the link, glad to see I'm not the only one frustrated about this.

I went through a few of their customer support representatives but the final result was that only actual shippers owning an OBA account (which includes a minimum spend) get access to their API. Additionally, I fear that even if you could get access to an OBA account, they would probably cancel API access if there's too many requests (like with my app which has a large user base).

Here's their final word on it: "Currently there are no plans to open the APIs to non-account customers but this may change in the future."
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Hi, I'm not sure if this is new or old but I started looking for the Royal Mail api and it was available from their developer website: https://developer.royalmail.net/api

Don't know if this is restricted access requiring the OBA account but when I selected "tracking api" it gave the coding information.

I've just started my computing degree so I'm not sure if any of the code is what you're looking for. I thought it was worth commenting due to Royal Mail tracking not being available in the app.
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Thanks for your reply. That is the official developer website of Royal Mail. To get access, you need to first create a developer account on that website and afterwards request access to the "tracking plan". Unfortunately, that request will be denied if you don't have an OBA account linked to your developer account, even if you contact all their different customer support possibilities explaining the situation :-(
That's really frustrating. Did you remove royal mail from the app on the latest update? It's not in the list of couriers. There are other apps that still do royal mail tracking but I'm guessing they have the oba access? How much does it cost for oba? Maybe the we can do a fund.me to get you access? AfterShip has royal mail tracking and a few others I've looked at.
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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

I haven't removed Royal Mail from the app, the "non-native" integration should still work fine.

Unfortunately, to get OBA access you need to actually ship stuff using Royal Mail. As I live in Germany, that's not an option for me.
Last time I checked, Royal Mail didn't work on the "large competitor" you mentioned. Feel free to shoot me an email to deliveries@orrs.de if you find an app that works and include the tracking ID.
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