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Users with problems with Royal Mail

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asked Nov 21, 2017 in Other by lyterain (140 points)

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Thank you, we need plenty of support to sign the petition, please sign, it is free and you may chip in a donation if you desire, it is optional
answered Jan 8 by anonymous
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Thanks for the link, glad to see I'm not the only one frustrated about this.

I went through a few of their customer support representatives but the final result was that only actual shippers owning an OBA account (which includes a minimum spend) get access to their API. Additionally, I fear that even if you could get access to an OBA account, they would probably cancel API access if there's too many requests (like with my app which has a large user base).

Here's their final word on it: "Currently there are no plans to open the APIs to non-account customers but this may change in the future."
answered Feb 27 by oRRs (31,570 points)
Hi, I'm not sure if this is new or old but I started looking for the Royal Mail api and it was available from their developer website: https://developer.royalmail.net/api

Don't know if this is restricted access requiring the OBA account but when I selected "tracking api" it gave the coding information.

I've just started my computing degree so I'm not sure if any of the code is what you're looking for. I thought it was worth commenting due to Royal Mail tracking not being available in the app.
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