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For eBay it appears that the Deliveries app uses a token to connect with our eBay account. But for Amazon it looks like we're simply telling you our login details?

Is that right? Why is that? Obviously it would be convenient for the app to pull in Amazon delivery details but I don't really want to just give out my username and password.

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You don't actually have to have the login details to track through Amazon.  All you need is the link in the order status that leads to the tracking info.  You can get full tracking info from the link without logging in and without having the actual tracking number.

It does require an additional click to view the full details, but all the info is in the HTML source without logging in and without the extra click.

Perhaps the app developer has just not gone through the process of parsing the source.  Amazon seems to present Chrome with easier to parse HTML than it does to IE 11.  I found the info in both browsers without being logged in.
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Your findings are absolutely correct. While eBay has a proper API for logging in and accessing order information, Amazon doesn't offer anything in this direction so it's as good as it gets, sorry!

Here's some more information on it: https://help.orrs.de/891/how-do-you-use-our-amazon-account-info
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