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For about 2 weeks now the app hasn't been updating in the background when the app is closed. I have it set for every hour on WiFi and mobile data. Used to work with no problems until recently. Only refreshes when I open up the app which I have it set to do in the settings. Android 8.1.0, May 5th Security patch. Please help fix this important issue. Thanks

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I have the same problem, how to fix?
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Go to the Notifications category of the app settings (left menu in the main list -> gear-wheel symbol). There, you will find a button labeled "Problems?" that will lead you to the energy optimization settings. Select "Not Optimized" dropdown and choose "All Apps".  Then turn off optimization for Deliveries there.

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Doesn't the application use JobScheduler (https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/job/JobScheduler.html) to schedule period refreshes? It should allow Android to best schedule those activities while preserving battery life.
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