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I have three packages added:

  1. package from PostCN (with Cainiao and PostPL being other sources)
  2. package from EMS CN (with Cainiao, PostCN and PostPL being other sources)
  3. package from PostPL (which is broken as per https://help.orrs.de/3424/polish-post-poczta-polska-status-checking-stopped-working).

While on Homescreen, I refreshed the status by pulling down gesture. I got then asked for the numeric code from image (bot protection code for EMS CN), which I typed. The status from EMS CN appeared then in third package (PostPL).

This bug appears only while on Homescreen; the app works fine when I refreshed status from within package's preview. I am able to recreate this bug.


I managed to somewhat discover what's going on. When I pull down on main screen, the app starts refreshing all packages. At the time it comes to EMS CN, the bot-protection code popup appears. Now, this is the timing which plays huge role - if I press [OK] in that popup after the app finished processing this package, but by the time the app finished processing all packages (meaning that I press [OK] at the time the app is refreshing another package), the status from EMS CN is appended to the currently processed package.

By the way, if you'd like, I'd be more than happy to be able to help with all those couriers that stopped working or need to be added. I have 6 years software developing experience (incl. almost a year of professional experience)

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