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Since 9 Jul or so there is problem with checking status of delivery by Polish Post / Poczta Polska.

Deliveries now returns empty result.

It seems that Polish Post has changed its website.

Feel free to contact me for additional info, if needed.
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7 Answers

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Same here, not working :(
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By the way, Polish Post offers a free API for requesting package status. Description: http://www.poczta-polska.pl/webservices/ (you'll need to use Google Translate unfortunatelly)
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Still not working.

If you are not using API, but tracking service instead, you can try to switch to https in the URL "http://emonitoring.poczta-polska.pl/?numer=". It worked for me.
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Not working correctly :( Please fix it
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Not working for me either :(
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Still not working. API is stable for few months. Why are you not fixing it?
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Same for me, it has stopped working a long time ago and it is still not resolved
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Still not working :( Is there any chance to fix it?
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