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is it just me or does Amazon request captcha  a lot .. I just got two in a matter of 4 hours
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Same here. Been like this for 3 days now.
I've seen this behavior for months.  It inspired me to try a different app, actually.  Is a fix in the works?
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I'm also getting prompted for Amazon captchas, multiple times a day. Incredibly annoying. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Same here. Signed up here just because of this issue. I'm guessing it's probably Amazon requiring the captcha every time but still. Hardly something you want to have to deal with especially if you have it refresh every hour or so. I've switched back to the manual method for now. Hope to see this resolved to some extent soon!
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Also been getting this more than I would want but I believe it's a matter of how often you refresh your package status. If this is true, it is mostly out of the developers' hands unless amazon itself improves its own APIs...
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