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Amazon hasn't been syncing for a few days.  I unlinked my Amazon account from the app and re-added it, but I get a "Server Error, try again later message".  What can I do to fix this?
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Same to me, and I recive an email daily from Amazon with a temporary password, i'm sure it's the app, trying to sync.

It doesn't work anymore!
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I just had this happen to me, although it was fine on my old phone then on the new phone I could not get the status of any new orders. Removing then re-adding the accounts does not work, they remain removed. To get them back I had to uninstall/reinstall then do a restore, but I still don't get updates.
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This has been happening on every app that links to Amazon except their own. Seems as though Amazon is blocking it. I hope it gets resolved.
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Same, hope this gets fixed. Not looking very good though, this project doesn't seem all that active. I believe the dev is busy.

Hope he gets time to fix this though, I love this app!
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