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Could you please support Speedpak. I've found other apps that support it but they lack all the other nice stuff Deliveries has.

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Same here. Seems like they have an exposed API and other providers do support it.

Would be great if Deliveries supported Speedpak too, considering that it is an eBay owned/backed logistics provider.
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I's also like to see Speedpak added.  More and more eBay vendors are using them.
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I would also like to see SpeedPak.
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Ok this request is taking too long...
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SpeedPAK is used by eBay for all Chinese deliveries, it's a very common shipping service-- AND one of the most useful services to track, as the shipments take quite a while and can get stuck in different locations.

I'd LOVE to see speedpak support!
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I'd love to see that too.  SpeedPak or as the site is called , orange connex
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