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Tracking via Australia Post stopped working:  Error loading data!

Tested using the same entries pointing to different couriers and they refreshed successfully.  Set all entries back to Australia Post and crossed fingers.

Australia Post adjusted the API requirements on you ... maybe ?

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Sorry for the late reply and inconvenience caused.

Unfortunately, Australia Post started to protect their website with a reCAPTCHA a while back which prevents me from using it as a source of data in the app.

While they do offer a tracking API, they limit access to customers that actually ship packages and even then, they impose a limit of 10 requests/minute which obviously isn't close to enough for an app like Deliveries.

This is why the current implementation is as good as it gets until Australia Post changes their stance on third party tracking solutions. crying

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Thank you for the concise reply.  It is extremely disappointing that Australia Post have installed these roadblocks.

I have an Australia Post MyPost A/C and the APP's push notifications can be a bit hit and miss--has got better over time, but it isn't perfect.

Your APP was more reliable and allowed addition (without checking validity) of tracking IDs before they were entered into the system.

I doubt Australia Post will reverse their direction.  I can understand why they have done this, but it hurts.
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I noticed that the API allows for 10 tracking IDs per request and 10 requests per minute. With some caching I imagine that it would be possible to perform some level of tracking for Aus Post if you wanted to.
I'm sure that the users of Aus Post would rather see less frequent updates rather than no support.
The account registration seems to open to everyone, if that is all that is stopping you I would be happy to assist you with an account.
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Yes stopped working about 4 days ago roughly. Sent in a report, no response at all.
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Yes, that matches my history.  No updates from Tuesday, 06AUG2019, onwards.
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Same here. App now absolutely useless to me. I live in Australia, and 99% of my orders are via Aus Post, all orders from eBay and AliExpress come via Aus Post.

No explanation as to why support was removed. Was working fine before.
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