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Got the same issue here. Deliveries v5.6.3. Even tried removing and re-adding the account since v5.6.3 mentions login issues, but it still does not add new orders.
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This app has been abandoned by the developer. Lots of providers haven't been working for months, but the developer ignores emails about it and does not respond or fix it.
It is more likely that Amazon has changed their API or other ability to retrieve data.  The USPS is not getting any info on shipments until they reach actual postal facilities now, whereas they used to get the status of the package on its way to them.  I'm sure Oliver will post a fix soon.  This version update came in July.  I expect another soon.
yes, just like many other providers have changed their API and have not been working for months. The developer however has ignored this, ignored support emails and left them broken.
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Same here over the last few days.  Installed clean on another device and will not sync recent amazon shipments.
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I updated to the most recent september update, and it still wont sync my new amazon orders.  Any update on this?
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I just updated on two devices and it's working for me.  A new Amazon order showed up within a few minutes.  Make sure you update to the new version just released today.
I definitely did the update from today, and I also just completely removed and reinstalled the app. It lets me connect my amazon account, but doesnt see the orders from the last few days.  I have a galaxy s10 with the latest updates.
Same here. Readded account, cleared data, reinstalled.  Amazon is still not working for new deliveries.
Same here. Updated to Sept 10 version - no Amazon orders shown. Inactivated my Amazon account in the app, then reactivated it - it seems to "see" my Amazon account, but it doesn't recognize an order that I placed a few hours ago.  EDIT: 24 hours later - new Amazon order, placed a couple of hours ago, has shown up in the app.
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Update: My app started working all on its own at 5 pm EST.  I now have all of my new orders from amazon syncing.  i didnt have to uninstall or re-add my amazon account. Hopefully you all have the same result.
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Yeah mine just updated for everything too.   Didn't need to make any changes to anything.
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Still not working with amazon. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have gone through adding amazon many times. I did finally get it to say it connected however none of my purchases have come through.
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I am also now getting updates from Amazon. So it seems this may have been an issue at Amazon

To the anonymous jerk that wrote the application is abandoned, well, enough said.
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Amazon hasn't been syncing for me the last few days. Does anyone know when there will be a fix for this?
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