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Ctt sync is not working from a couple of days till now. Is there any fix planned in the next days?
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CTT stop to synchronise in the android app. I have the paid version.

Please, fix it soon as possible. Do you have any plan for fix it?
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Same problem, didn't track CTT post on the app. When i update in the app doesnt show any registry of the shipping, but if i see in the browser inside app there are updates. Please solve this issue.

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I'm having the same issue. The generated URL including the tracking number on the web version still works but for some reason the app is unable to show any status updates for CTT provider.

P.S. please consider replacing reCaptcha for hCaptcha on the reset password form for this support site. reCaptcha is reported to discriminate non-Chrome users. I spent about 10 challenges to get the recovery code sent to my registered email address.
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Same problem... Please fix CTT
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