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I have noticed recently that new Amazon orders are not synching. If I remove my account and re-add it, new stuff seems to get added.  Very annoying because it used to work great otherwise.
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Same here with Amazon.es orders
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Running app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) and a Kindle Fire HD10 (9th gen), and after the most recent Deliveries app updates, Amazon synching appeared to go TU, and re-adding the account did nothing but increase my frustration level. App has worked flawlessly up till now.
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Same issue for me, Pixel 3. I tried removing and adding my Amazon account, but I was forced to enable 2FA too add the account again, which did not fix the original issue. Any help is much appreciated.
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Same here. I’m using the app on a Samsung Galaxy S10 and have reinstalled both the Deliveries and Amazon apps.  I also used to be able to tap a sipping link in an email and automatically go to the app. This is also not working.
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Same for Amazon.it and Poco F3

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Same issue here with Amazon
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Me as well. I tried removing & re-adding the account, no change.
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The v5.7.13 update on Google Play fixes the problems with Amazon.   Took a couple of days before the update finally showed up on Google Play.

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