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My packages from Amazon haven't been added to my list of packages for the past week. I have a Samsung S20.
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Same here since Sunday, which was the previous time I placed an order - I'm on Amazon.DE
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Same, Amazon.ca
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I posted something about this a few days ago.  Wondering if the app got abandoned.
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With no updates since December, unanswered forum questions/spam and the broken Amazon sync... it's possible. Has anyone gotten a response by email?
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Nope, I reported the actual bug and never got a response. Anyone know of any tracking app that integrates with Amazon?
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I used Slice a long time ago before it was purchased by Rakuten. I reinstalled AfterShip and it's importing orders now.

EDIT: It's not as clean-looking and didn't tag some old imported orders as delivered, but it's tracking Amazon orders properly.
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Slice doesn't work on many devices anymore... even on my new pixel it wont install.

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Same, Amazon.ca
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The update to 5.1.13 was just pushed to my phone. Amazon updates are now working.
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After deleting and re-adding my Amazon credentials mine is also working now.
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