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Has there been some change to how to log in to Amazon for synchronization recently? I have 2FA enabled and you used to have to use your OTP at the end of your password to log in. Now that no longer works. When I try without the OTP at the end, it says I'm logged in, but does not sync anything and gets me stuck in a captcha loop. Last, using the browser option to log in also doesn't work, claiming that credentials are needed when selecting save - they were correctly entered. I can't think of anything else to try at this point. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Any way to get past this?

I've tried wiping the app and starting from scratch as well. Thanks!
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Any update on this?  For a while I was getting bombarded with texts from Amazon asking to verify login... but no matter how many times I did that, the app never sync'd.  After removing account to try again, I now can't get the app to accept my amazon account at all.
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No, still not working. It appears to let me log in then doesn't sync anything. Hard to imagine it's only not working for just a few of us.

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I'm experiencing the exact same thing.
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In Amazon you need to turn on using an authorization app to enter the 6 digit code. Then you call up the app and copy the code to the end of your password in Deliveries. Just worked for me.
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I just tried this again and it worked fine on July 14, 2021. I had my Amazon password, then the six digit authorization number without any space between the two. Putting a space there did not let me sign into Amazon.
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Hopefully you guys got it working but for anybody still struggling, this should work. Last year i used the 'OTP at the end of the password' trick, but unlike rklurfeld, the only method that worked for me this time was using an authenticator app (i.e. Google/Microsoft Authenticator) and my regular login.  Sorry this is so wordy but I work in IT and find that some people need things explained in depth or they end up more frustrated than when they started.

In Amazon, go to account settings Login & security To the right of '2-factor (2SV) settings,' tap 'Edit'. I can't remember the exact steps but you'll be given a 'setup code'. Copy it Go back to your Authenticator, hit '+' to add an entry and choose 'use setup code'  Pick a name, enter the code we got from Amazon & choose ’time based' **A 6-digit code will be under 'Amazon' but they're only good for a min or two so we're not ready to copy it yet Go back to synchronization settings in Deliveries & choose Amazon under 'External' Remove current account if previously linked Enter Amazon username/password, select a sync period then tap 'OK'   Go back to Authenticator, tap+hold the 6-digit code shown under Amazon and return to Deliveries Paste the code you copied from Authenticator into the Deliveries pop-up and watch the synchroliciousness!

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