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I'm Having tons of trouble adding my Amazon account to the deliveries app on my new tablet. My old tablet died unexpectedly, so i purchased the newer version of the same tablet (Samsung galaxy tab a). No matter what i do, i cannot get it to add/sync my Amazon orders. I've changed my password about 10 times to make sure that I'm putting in the right information, and it just won't add my purchases/tracking. It says that it's connected /synced, but it just won't add my orders. Can someone please help me with this, it's driving me crazy. I have the pro version/license. Thank you in advance.


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Have you tried this?  I'm having the same type of difficulty after copying over settings to a new phone.

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There is something more than that going on. I have had 2FA via Lastpass Authenticator set up for a long time and it worked OK. Recently, Amazon orders have been intermittent, my Subscribe and Save orders appear in the Deliveries app but ad-hoc orders do not.

Deliveries has always been my go-to but lately I'm finding that Shop does a better job of gathering the orders.
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Agreed, after a lot of experimentation, I'm finding the same thing.  It will sync after first adding the account, and then it stops randomly, and restarts again.  I also have my significant other's account logged in through Deliveries, and that works fine.  No rhyme or reason!
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