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Since this week DHL Express tracking is not working anymore in the app. DHL Express website works

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I see there was an update that might have fixed this. Can you confirm?

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Problem persists
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Thank you, Leon.
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The update is currently rolling out to 25% of users. Unfortunately, I will have to wait a few more days before I can offer it to everyone, as I need to check if an unrelated issue is properly fixed.
That said, DHL Express should work if you have v5.7.14 of the app.
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Thank you for the update.  Would that unrelated issue be my current issue?
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Track DHL Express with DHL Parcel for You
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Doesn't work for me
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Yep, workaround does not work.
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I'm still looking into ways to handle the changes, unfortunately it's not an easy fix this time angry

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Really happy to read you are working on it! :)
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Thank you Oliver!
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