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Relais Colis tracking is not still working for some parels

It seems like recipient name is not still required for some parcels :

Example for parcel tracking not working in app : VD317004488101 (Vinted) => no name required on Relais colis website

But it is working for (90853190000419 Cdiscount with my name ) => no name required on Relais colis website

Thanks for your action

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Thanks for letting me know. Looks like quite a bit changed there, so I'll make the name optional in the next update.

That said, they also changed how they prepare tracking IDs before requesting information from their service, which I cannot fully test.
If you ever come across a tracking ID that requires you to manually enter the brand on the website (e.g. VINTED) or that only works with your name, please let me know!
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Thank you for your answer

I have only those two parcel numbers. It looks like brand and name are not required on the website.
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