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My old phone is stuck on Deliveries v5.7.2, so the sync feature no longer works. Therefore I attempted to use the Backup feature, but no matter whether I try to save the file locally or in the cloud, the app stalls at a popup titled "Loading", with the content "Loading..." with a spinning circle. After several hours I forcibly closed Deliveries and checked the export destination; the output file is there but has a size of zero. I do not have root access on this device - is there a way to manually migrate the app data or get the backup function working?


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Unfortunately, I'm not sure what could be causing the backup to fail, it's a pretty basic implementation. Did you try with and without the "Compatibility mode" in the backup settings?
You could try choosing a different app in the saving dialog (e.g. your email app).

Apart from that, I don't really see an option, as the app data cannot be accessed manually without root and creating a custom version of the app just for this is out of scope, seeing how long my ToDo list the app is right now sad

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Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't realize that final option was for compatibility... I have now tried that as well with no change.

I haven't looked into rooting for a long time, but I may be able to achieve this temporarily... Can you tell me the storage location that I would need to access? (Android 4.4.4)

Also, when I start the export process I am not prompted for an app to use - do you know which default association I need to reset?
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