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Sometime in the last 1-2 days my FedEx packages stopped being updated by the app. When I try to update them manually I get a popup/toast that says "Error loading data!" Other couriers work fine - it's just FedEx that's broken. I'm in the USA in case that matters.

Thanks for everything you do! I love the app :)
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Just bumping this thread. FedEx still has major issues. Won't update unless you open each delivery and update them individually. Then it will seem to work for a short time then start failing again. When it does work, it opens and closes 5-10 windows each time.

Please get this fixed ASAP. This bug has been present way to long in an app that we have paid for.
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Just giving this another bump as this problem remains totally unacknowledged by the app developers and therefore no fix is in sight.
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I think we can almost say for sure the developer has abandoned this app. Far too long without even a word about it.
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This is no longer correct.  This app still shows as supporting FedEx (at least the Android version does) and it does work 15% of the time.  If FedEx cut off 3rd party access, it would fail 100% of the time.

In short, nice try but the info you referenced no longer applies.

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Seems to be fixed now! No app update required or anything, it just suddenly refreshed and everything updated.

EDIT 4/6: Looks broken again as my FedEx deliveries have stopped refreshing again (even though the browser opens, loads, and closes).
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FedEx is partially fixed as it opens a browser window to fetch the data everytime, you refresh.
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Same here, FEDEX hasn't worked for a while.

Edit:I tried to put this comment on the main question, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete a comment, only edit.
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Unfortunately, this seems to be caused by Fedex restricting access to their API. This article on The Verge talks about it and how it affects the most popular package tracking app on iOS: https://www.theverge.com/2022/4/11/23021155/deliveries-package-app-fedex-api-services

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