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Sometime in the last 1-2 days my FedEx packages stopped being updated by the app. When I try to update them manually I get a popup/toast that says "Error loading data!" Other couriers work fine - it's just FedEx that's broken. I'm in the USA in case that matters.

Thanks for everything you do! I love the app :)
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Yes I'm having the same problem
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Same issue here too
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Here as well - last successful FedEx update was April 2. Nothing since then.
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Similar behavior for me - when performing a full refresh from the list - FedEx items not updated - and background processing now appears in the foreground (Ie. FedEx website appears briefly). However, if I bring up the individual FedEx item from the list - and refresh just that item - no visible foreground processing occurs - and the FedEx item updates.
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Last update, April 5, 2022 really screwed up the app.
It does a lot of popups that probably normally run in the background. For example I see it trying to popup the FedEx website but there's a error message there and then the window closes automatically.

One thing I noticed that was strange that once in a while it might update FedEx correctly.. Not sure why it isn't consistent.  Please fix it because FedEx is important for the packages I receive.
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Nice try  but you are incorrect and have made a bad assumption.


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Seems to be fixed now! No app update required or anything, it just suddenly refreshed and everything updated.

EDIT 4/6: Looks broken again as my FedEx deliveries have stopped refreshing again (even though the browser opens, loads, and closes).
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FedEx is partially fixed as it opens a browser window to fetch the data everytime, you refresh.
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Same here, FEDEX hasn't worked for a while.

Edit:I tried to put this comment on the main question, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete a comment, only edit.
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Unfortunately, this seems to be caused by Fedex restricting access to their API. This article on The Verge talks about it and how it affects the most popular package tracking app on iOS: https://www.theverge.com/2022/4/11/23021155/deliveries-package-app-fedex-api-services

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Fedex is still broken, please fix.
Fedex works just fine on all other tracking APPS.
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Please post links to the 'all other tracking APPS.'
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