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UPS website sync is ok but Deliveries App is unable to sync.
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I can also confirm. UPS updates will not sync to the app. Flash message "Error loading Data"

Began about the same time as Kevin.

Service: UPS (US if that matters))


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Same here.  The "show in browser" link does work, however.
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UPS changed the way the page is loaded and updated. The current page now uses JavaScript to load the data after the page is displayed.
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Hoping a fix is on the way where they can parse the data.
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Are you guys working on a fix? If so, do you have an estimate as to when you'll have it fixed?

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I'm actively working on this, but cannot promise anything nor give an ETA.

There's a high chance I will need to (temporarily) remove native support for UPS and only display their website in the app, as I already sunk 3 full work days into it and didn't find a solution.

I'm also re-evaluating their API usage restrictions in hopes that I can use it, but at the very least that would require me to tunnel all UPS requests through my own server and I'm not sure how much it can handle indecision

Sorry for the inconvenience and wait!

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I'm using AfterShip, ups fedex DHL all work
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There is a reason AfterShip works and Deliveries does not. They use different  methods and I will explain in a later message.
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it is funny you say that Gary as i followed a link in that issue to this one based on your direction. Perhaps you should make up your mind

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The very same post you would have found yourself if you took 30 seconds to actually look.

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You are correct. I don't know how I got the these two messages confused, but clearly I did. Thank you for bringing this to  my attention. This is the post that I want to explain why AfterShip, Route, Shop and others work and Deliveries does not.
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So why does Aftership work and deliveries doesnt?
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