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Error loading data with china post tracking, while via internet it' s possible to track parcel

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I have the same problem hope they fix it
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Same problem. ;-
Not found.
I think its because of the validation image (number sequence) input needed on EMS's tracking website.
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Same problem, I think like Eric, that it's because the validation image. Hope it will be fixed early
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sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

This will be fixed in the next updatee which I hope to be able to release soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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China Post tracking is working again!
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I try sao.cn and it seems not working. Not developer's fault, as I can't even access the website. Is it only me experiencing this or anyone else have the same issue?
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Doesn't work for me either. If I select "China Post", everything is in Chinese and the app says no valid locations are listed (guess it can't read Chinese either  :) ).

If I select sao.cn, the app gives me either a data error, or nothing at all.
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Yes all tracking info for China Post is in Chinese now in the app.
IIRC correctly it used to be in English. Can this please be changed to English?
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