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Hi recently saudi post changed there website design and now tracking is broken sadly now you can't track in english only arabic will work and they have changed the tracking url to http://www.sp.com.sa/ar/Electronic/Pages/TrackShipment.aspx?k=(shipmentnumber)

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sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I've found a solution to the problem and hope that I'll be able to release an update fixing the issue in the next few days.

You'll also keep receiving english status messages in the app if you device language is not set to arabic. While their website doesn't seem to allow you to switch languages, their JSON API still supports it :-)
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Waiting for update, Thanks a lot =)
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thx mate , I will be waiting for the update
We have waited 2 weeks,  any ETA for new update release please?
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I've released the update yesterday. Sorry for the long wait!
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Please fix the problem as soon as possible
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Same problem with me! :( fix it please
Same the problem with me
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Can not track shipments from Sweden to Saudi Arabia
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