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Amazon hasn't been syncing for a few days.  I unlinked my Amazon account from the app and re-added it, but I get a "Server Error, try again later message".  What can I do to fix this?
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same here .... almost everything identical to you!  :(

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Not working on Android, latest version. This issue is literally half the time I ever spend in this app.

However my error says this instead, "amazon no orders found most likely entered wrong login credentials"

Even though I know the correct login info is being used and I've tried on two other different devices all on a fresh install. Even using a Restore from Backup/Restore does nothing.
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As suggested in another post, i turned in two factor auth and entered my credentials. Password field is password and two factor auth code without spaces.
this worked first time.  Much appreciated.
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This did the trick. Thanks for posting this!
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This worked for me. Greatly appreciated. I was trying to figure out how to enter the two-factor auth code, since there was (seemingly) no place to put it. Never would have guessed this on my own.
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It takes some work but you need to do the following:

     1)    Have any QR Code Reader installed

     2)    Set up "Two-Step Verification" on your Amazon account.

     3)    You will need to use the "Authenticator App" as your backup method

     4)    Download an Authenticator App program. I used "Google Authenticator"

     5)    When you go to add your Amazon account to Delieveries App type your password then add in the code you get from Authenticator app. Example if your passwork was bigfatdog and the authenicator gave you the code 123456 the password you need use add your Amazon account to delieveries app would be bigfatdog123456.

If you did all this correctly you should now have your Amazon account added and you will see your orders added.

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I tried this, but it still didn't work.
Not sure then. I did it earlier today and it worked.
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If I enable "two step verification" with Amazon for this app to work correctly, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean that I will have multiple steps to log into my Amazon account everytime I or one of my 9 devices tries to log in. That would be extremely cumbersome when multiple devices use my account everyday.

I do understand the security standards changed for the EU and multiple companies have stepped up their security to compensate, however I know most companies provide programmers information on how to integrate their programs. Is there no way to solve this within the app?
I believe you get the option to add trusted devices that will not need the 2 step verification.
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I would be much more enthusiastic about wasting my and my family's time setting up a two factor authentication if this wasn't the first time this app has failed at syncing with providers. I've been with this app since 2013 and I've repeatedly had issues of one kind or another. I personally feel that with money paid for a product, it should not then require an hour or mores work gathering all my devices together and changing settings. Just for the record I didn’t see an opt out for known devices, I did follow your exact directions on one device and it didn’t work so it’s probably a hit or miss thing. If I remember correctly there was a two factor in the app awhile back, IF this is the answer could that not be added back?
Sirach's method worked for me.
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When I add Amazon Spain, no issues. I didn't need to add 2 factor authentication. But I can't add Amazon UK and Amazon US.
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2 factor authentication worked for mep. I didn't download an authenticator app. I  used 2 different mobile numbers. You can only use each security code once on any login attempt.

Yes, it's a little faffy but it looks like the problem is on Amazon's end. You have to use 2 factor authentication to get Amazon syncing .
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