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After resetting my phone I was able to re-link my eBay account but not my Amazon. I get an error stating

"Synchronization failed: No orders found! Most likely you entered wrong login credentials"

I am certain I am entering my password correctly and that I have open Amazon orders.

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Same issue here. I was tracking a package that shipped Monday. Saw initial tracking information from Monday in the app. But starting yesterday, Tuesday, it kept throwing an error. So I tried manually entering the password info into the particular delivery which failed. I then tried removing Amazon and adding it back in an get the exact same error as the OP
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Same identical issue
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Same issue....
Can't sync with Amazon.com anymore. It worked recently.
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Might as well close this case since it duplicates the older Amazon error already reported:


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It's reported but not fixed. Like others who have reported this problem, I use this app for Amazon more than everything else combined, so the app is basically useless without this functionality. Looking at the numbers, this appears to be a big problem.
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After the latest update it worked and then after I had to swap phone it doesn't anymore. I mostly using it for Amazon. Please fix this.
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It takes some work but you need to do the following:

     1)    Have any QR Code Reader installed

     2)    Set up "Two-Step Verification" on your Amazon account.

     3)    You will need to use the "Authenticator App" as your backup method

     4)    Download an Authenticator App program. I used "Google Authenticator"

     5)    When you go to add your Amazon account to Delieveries App type your password then add in the code you get from Authenticator app. Example if your passwork was bigfatdog and the authenicator gave you the code 123456 the password you need use add your Amazon account to delieveries app would be bigfatdog123456.

If you did all this correctly you should now have your Amazon account added and you will see your orders added.

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This worked perfectly for me, though it was a major hassle doing it all on my phone since the place to type the password kept closing when I went to get the authenticator code.  I eventually just set the authenticator up on a different phone too and got it that way.
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